B. Braun Medical

Among the largest medical device manufacturers in the world, the German-based B. Braun landed in Lehigh Valley in 1979 when it acquired Burron Medical, a specialty plastics manufacturer that began in 1957.

B. Braun now has a headquarters, production facilities, and subsidiaries here. And, in recent years, it brought research and development operations to the region in a company-wide effort to be more agile.

The company has a diversified portfolio of products. It includes smart infusion therapy, IV bags, solution, catheters, and pumps. Its pharmacy product business features generic drugs, antibiotics, and compounding. The company also makes surgical implants, dialysis machines, and other specialty products.

Lehigh Valley Presence

Headquarters, manufacturing operations, distribution, subsidiary operations in Bethlehem, Hanover Township (Lehigh County), Upper Macungie Township.

COVID-19 Innovation

B. Braun’s plant in the Lehigh Valley produced a new infusion therapy product that protected the lives of health care workers early the pandemic. The new extension set allowed pumps that manage life-saving fluids to COVID patients to be placed outside patients’ rooms so that the pumps could be tended to without direct contact with the patient.

Employees Companywide


Employees in Lehigh Valley