OraSure Technologies

OraSure Technologies made national headlines for its work on a home COVID-19 diagnostic test, but the company has been a global leader in point-of-care testing and sample collection technologies for decades.

With roots tracing back to the 1980s in the Lehigh Valley, the company got its start when four entrepreneurs launched a predecessor company that drew on the lab space, expertise, and financial resources of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In incubator space atop Lehigh University‚Äôs campus, that company — SolarCare Technologies — developed wipe-on sunscreen. As its profile grew, SolarCare merged with another company and evolved into what is now known as OraSure Technologies today.

OraSure and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture, and distribute rapid diagnostic tests, sample collection and stabilization devices and molecular services solutions that detect critical medical conditions.

Lehigh Valley Presence

Headquarters, manufacturing facility in Bethlehem


DNA Genotek, Diversigen, Novosanis

Devices You May Have Heard of

Rapid diagnostic tests for COVID-19, Ebola and HIV.

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